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hey there, it's great to see you.

feel free to browse, learn more about our stories, and hopefully you'll find something that resonates with you. 

nothing matters more to us than you being able to find something that clicks, stays, and reminds you of home.

make yourself at home and feel free to ping us: we're just a message away. 

IG: @tonggans
mail: tongganco@gmail.com

our story

tong-gan (同感) stems from learning to have heart: because good things come to those who push through. Beginning from apparel which most closely envelops our skin, we hope to craft wearable stories that resonate with you, as a reminder of the comfort and security of home.

"I like that it represents this feeling we often get but don't speak about."

- check-in survey

"I like the wholesomeness of the brand, how it spreads the idea of me not being alone and the sense of human connection."

- check-in survey