TGSTRY1: Hello there.

This is all new and real foreign to us, but we’re glad to have you on board—on our first TGSTRY: about our roots, what we’re all about, and what we love. 

TGSTRY is really just all about sharing stories. It’s about what goes through our minds when we think tong-gan, the little things in our day to day hustle that make us pause and think that this is something everyone needs to see—those that make us feel that life is beautiful and we have time. 

our roots


tong-gan (同感) stems from learning to have heart: when you view things genuinely, act with sincerity and feel a raw connection with someone or something. It's about believing that good things come to those who push through—and that nothing on the outside is not from within. 

Born after a long-drawn summer in 2019, we wanted to create something that resonated with and could bring warmth to the people around us. We saw friend circles fall into cycles of hustling, getting drained, waking up everyday nonetheless to press on endlessly—as though this would never end. It was exhausting, heart-wrenching, sometimes abrasive, but we realised that things would always pass soon enough. And regardless of how things turned out, it was always worth it in the end because we did grow and learn from it.

And this is a fact that we all knew even while struggling. Even in our lows, we knew that we could do it and we would come out stronger. All we needed was that little push and reminder when we slipped through the cracks that just a month more, just a step moremaybe just 1 minute more—and all will be well. 


our stem

支撑 or if you may read: tahan

For those who know, you know that tong-gan has a long-standing inside joke (think: memes of someone dancing with 'friends' made from cushions and poles). If that doesn't strike a bell, then here's the joke: we're basically a one-man team—which is still a team nonetheless. Now that you know, please don't call us out whenever you see us use "us" or "we". 

give warmth, give love

温暖,自在 as if singapore isn't warm enough

There are many ways to share stories—we've done so through art (see, @xiaolights on IG), poetry, photography and every avenue is something different. There are emotions that are easily expressed through songs, others better through visuals or simply talking it out. 

For tong-gan, we chose to begin from apparel because it most closely envelops our skin. It's something that  reminded us of the comfort and security of home—regardless of the shape or form you may define it in. Being wrapped in an airy oversized shirt with a print that you resonate with is a wearable story, a soulful reminder, and a home away from home. (Oversized is just a personal preference, but that feeling of sinking in comfortable while still having space to move and explore is honestly amazing). 

At the end of the day, we hope you feel the same: as we all learn to have heart, be tender and share the warmth of familiarity, community and home, together.

So here goes, thank you for joining us as we begin.