TGSTRY2: Behind the 打勾勾 PROMISE TEE

打勾勾 (PINKY PROMISE): The mood where things get rough, but you've got someone to remind you that there's nowhere to go but up. A soft reset and reminder that if you're just a lil patient, good things will come. 

Where it all began

First released on 4th August last year, the promise tee was pretty much where it all began. The idea really stemmed from a long-drawn summer, wanting to give strength to those around me. 

To give love, warmth and a promise that good things come to those who press on. 


You see, it's very easy to disregard your growth as you press on. Things aren't as simple as what they used to be when we were kids, and on some days, even the smallest of tasks just seem to be unexplainably difficult. But as you work hard, please always take pride in your journey—regardless of how you feel about your progress. You're breathing, growing, learning and en route to become who you want to be. 

Just by getting up in the morning, planning your day, starting on work—by doing just that, you are much braver than you think. 

"You don't know how you manage to be conscious, how you manage to grow and shape this body of yours...But that doesn't mean to say that you aren't doing it, in just the same way as you're breathing without knowing how you breathe." - Alan Watts

Common Question: Why hands? 

Hands has always been an imagery that intrigued me—way before the beginning of tong-gan. There's something so subtle about it that reveals bits and pieces of our emotions. If you think about it:

when we're happy, we clap;

when we're nervous, we fidget;

when we're upset, we clench our fists. 


And just be having someone's hand to hold, you can feel so immensely comforted and secure. When you high-five someone, it's a sign of agreement and excitement. Through a firm handshake, you can express your confidence and commitment to establishing the new connection. 

Really, it is a simple form of connection.

And the idea of a pinky promise is something that's so innocent. From our memories, making promises were as simple as saying 'hey, let's pinky promise—and it's set!' and you know that things will work out. 

As we grow to be more calloused, we know that things are a little different, but this simple belief could just bring the strength to keep us going.


As our first release, we were really apprehensive. Having done surveys on personal channels and constantly reaching out to friends with small questions, the promise tee wouldn’t have turned out the way it was if not for the support and love from those around me. 

2 batches, 2 roadshows; tons of love. 

Thank you for being here with us—in sharing this simple message.