LONG DAY: Crafted after late nights where the day just never seems to end. Sitting before your computer with the fan blowing at your neck, you just think: damn it’s been a long day. But when you wrap things up, it doesn’t even matter how things turn out because you pushed through—and you know all’s good.

Wearable Stories: Why we choose to wear the things we do

After the release of the promise tee, I’ve had conversations with friends about clothes and why we choose to wear the things we do. It could be because it fits our vibe, it's accessible, it's trendy—it could be because of comfort, or the desire to look a certain way. 

And there’s nothing wrong about any of these reasons. Personally I really enjoy buying commercialised things, items on flash sales or things that simply ‘look nice’. Because they make me feel good, and they're often rewards for hitting certain milestones.  

But crafting this brand, I realised that the most fulfilling part wasn’t just seeing people around me wearing the shirt. Definitely, it was beyond heartening to see strangers wearing the shirt and loving it for what it is. But the crux of it was knowing that people felt that connection. 

I’ve had friends tell me: 

“Hey, I wore the shirt today and I really felt like something good was going to happen...” 


and that was what made it for me. The fact that people do believe in the message and wearing the tee gave them strength. 

Having a community

The other spark that pushed me to creating the long day tee was having a community and support system.

After the release of our winter totes, I really wanted to create more. As we grew closer to Christmas, reflections on the long year and the drought of the semester made me want to produce something in time for the new year to remind those around me to push on. At the same time, I was excited. Incredibly excited for what was to come in January, after gaining the opportunity to bring tong-gan to SMU’s Patron’s Day. 

But it wasn’t easy. 

Those close to me would’ve known that the creative process is one that is emotionally driven: it comes from fatigue, draught, happiness, excitement—it’s a healing process of reflection and growth that flows when I feel I need to share something. 

I still remember crafting several drafts of the long day tee on various occasions. One that stuck with me the longest would’ve been when I managed to get help from a pool of friends who took the time to sit down with me—even asking for opinions from their friends who weren’t yet acquainted with the brand. 

And that fresh perspective really propelled the creative direction into what it is today. 

Growth, regardless

Looking back on how we’ve grown, the long day tee really solidified our brand identity—bringing out a mix of warmth and groundedness. 

It was a big leap of faith, but it was worth it nonetheless. 

It was also where the concept of wearable stories began: striving to be more than just relatable. We want to be here to remind you to pause and reflect on who you’ve become. 

And we’re thankful for all of you—for being here with us, every step of the way.