Our Story

tong-gan (同感) stems from learning to have heart: when you view things genuinely, act with sincerity and feel a raw connection with someone or something.

Born after a long-drawn summer in 2019, tong-gan is rooted in the belief that good things come to those who push through - and that nothing on the outside is not from within.

Beginning from apparel which most closely envelops our skin, we hope to craft wearable stories that resonate with you, as a soulful reminder of the comfort and security of home - regardless of the shape or form you may define it in.

What we truly stand for is reconnecting you to where it all began—finding your roots and carrying that through the daily hustle. To remind you that small growth is still growth, and you've got a community and home to back you up. 

You are here, brave, loved and you belong.